Poured In Place Unitary Rubber Safety Surfacing
Unitary Rubber Poured In Place for safety Surfacing under Playground Equipment
Rubber Playground Flooring for under Playground Equipment
Rubber Poured In Place
Playground Safety Surfacing
Playground Flooring made with Rubber Poured In Place

Poured In Place Safety Surfacing

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Kinetic's Poured in Place is certified by IPEMA and is a two part playground flooring system consisting of a SBR cushion base course that's thickness is based on the critical fall height of your play equipment, and a 1/2” EPDM rubber top wear course that is durable yet impact absorbent, allowing up to 10 feet in fall height protection. Poured in Place is best suited for installation over a hard compact substrate, normally compacted stone or concrete. It is porous and will allow water to permeate through it, therefore we recommend drainage be a part of your overall surfacing plan.

Poured in Place comes in an almost endless color combinations and can be customized with graphics of your choice to create a truly unique surface. We can incorporate things such as school colors, logos, games and even sounds into the surfacing. With Poured in Place, safety surfacing is not just an accessory to the playground, it becomes part of the playground.