Bonded Rubber Playground Application
Bonded Rubber Playground Safety Surfacing
Durable and safe bonded rubber playground Safety Surfacing
Safety surfacing for playgrounds with Bonded rubber

Bonded Rubber Safety Surfacing

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Our Bonded Rubber Safety Surfacing product is a fully recycled product consisting of reclaimed shredded tires blended with a traditional polyurethane adhesive to yield a durable, seamless surface. Bonded Rubber has many of the same qualities of traditional Poured in Place, but at less cost. 

Although great for a playground, Bonded Rubber is often best suited for low traffic applications. Bonded rubber can be installed over any substrate so it can be installed directly over compacted earth, saving you money on sub-surface preparation.

Bonded Rubber comes in any of the colors shown below. These colors can also be blended to create different color combinations and patterns.