Planning Your Commercial Playground Equipment Project

Let us guide you through the 5 steps you will need in planning, designing, buying, and installing a playground.

Step 1: Playground Design & Quote

Budget Breakdown

What is it you want out of your commercial playground equipment? You can shop right here on our site to find playground equipment that meets your needs, or you can work with our sales and design team to put your playground ideas into perspective with multiple design options.

Some questions to think about while browsing and brainstorming:

- How many children will the playground equipment serve?
- What age range are the children using the playground equipment?
- How much space do you have for the playground equipment?
- What is your playground project's total budget?

Once we receive your quote request we'll provide you playground design options and quotes for your review. Then we can discuss the budgetary aspect of the playground project and how it will be funded.

Step 2: Funding Your Playground

Playground Funding

There are many options and opportunities when it comes to funding your commercial playground equipment. Grants and crowdfunding are often overlooked but provide a great way for entities to gain funds for their playground project.

There are many local and federal grants available to non-profits to help meet your outdoor playground equipment goals, and crowdfunding is a popular way to rally your community together for a common cause! View our grants & fundraising resources page for more information.

Step 3: Playground Purchase


You've got your commercial playground designed, and the funding is secured. Now it's time to purchase your playground equipment.

If you received a quote/invoice from us, speak with your Kinetic Recreation sales consultant to determine the best method for payment. In most cases, we require a 50% down payment to place the order, with the remainder due upon completion of the installation.

Once the order has been placed, we will provide you with an estimated timeline for delivery/installation so you can plan and prepare accordingly.

Step 4: Playground Installation


At the time of purchase we can schedule your playground equipment installation and discuss a timeline of completion.

Kinetic offers complete playground equipment installation services. Depending on the size of your playground project, installation can take up to 2 weeks.

All of our installers have been thoroughly trained and adhere to the strictest commercial playground safety policies in the industry. Our playground installation crew is professional and thoughtful of your time and space.

Step 5: Time To Play!

Completed Playground

Once installation is complete and the remaining balance has been paid, it is TIME TO PLAY on your new commercial playground equipment!

With our industry-leading warranty, we are confident that your playground area will stand strong for many years to come. As with any product, maintenance will be required over time to ensure a long-lasting and SAFE playground environment. Kinetic Recreation is here to help you with your maintenance needs as well!